Yeah the diction. She wan’t oin to lt he peronaity
out here, the he’s such a bone, always been

(call a timeout) bound for the pure density of
readers and critics equipped to reorganize this

and redefine: Except that didn’t.. — not, at least,
if you’re talking about the way Audemars does
in the tight chinos fighting off the taller, wealthy kids,
only now they are

forsaken, “He’s given away everything that he’s good at
for some things that he’s not good at.

And that makes me really sad,
because he’s such a phony bastard.”


O ye gods = inside voices and homeless autosuggestion
testifying for the hybrids and standard-bearers

climbing in the mist, pointing to the blight of the neighborhood
and placing bets..

a secret gift made this a better world with a whole splash
of delivered goods on my undershirt,

a hazardous exemption, site of the Cyclop’s smithy
& Margaret with the brains to have a handbag


Later was too late in your head —
what part of California did you

(worldwide phrasing)

exemptions are commendable.

“Exactly,” and in that miracle voice Geigy
corks up to enchain, knife and subdue.

That’s before I thought about the white fragrance,
watching my breath. Let’s try it again

without its always fearing contact.

on the tongue, the tip. The perfunctory receding plane

stranded ideas wanting out,
taking no step at all



For the last
doomsday, veils,

desserts, all sorts of stuff
rd were all over thus.

It was hazardous
sharing that info, seeing thru

— you mentioned blurring out
of the batteries involved in a

— we hadn’t had any idea

a few months ago, and now
common that was, looser; &

can we restart
where the voice flies in

fear you have been
destroyed; & despite

pleas you wanted to get to
this point, stabilizing a department over the ocean —
who matters most? who you

eye for the race to phrase a
triage; who?

= spooky
once Wall-E and Eve lift of,f

a show of hands checked by
our private desires in animation.


O brotherly daughter, Jerry Lewis was real and terrifying.

Fla, fla in response to evil is not the fuck knee I was thinking of.

We’re off the island.

A wormhole is less sensitive to oblivion than

nonconformity of the whole had been.

It’s best then to pretend Steal Princess does not exist.

I am a traits leader whose existence precedes essence, thanks to hands-on literary studies.

I run to the nearest bathroom and flush the toilet once Lupin the Third starts. This reduces the amount of airtime the video has to stink up the place. I told you our fingerprints are off a center requiring teethmarks, restricted to a world without suffering that can’t exist. (Thanks, guys.) For now I'll follow you to the before & after boutique.

A college like ____ has become a fashion wife swap.

I have nothing to add to that. Our rooms are full with acceptance of our morose office. It’s even sadder to think this becomes relevant.


Warning, warning this is a devotion.

We are all theologians now. It started when a luminous protein invested with confidence.

Walk it off. Garish tulip brocaded with energy. You are man-y crisp, a color too orange for anything that can happen if you try to pretend you care. It’s not simple but very fluid how you kill fidelity like mine.

There is no rest for the annoyer. Elmo has been stripped of his exaggerated status and worth.



Tv contests a thousand bees stinging my feet

— we polished the text and handed it in.

We chose photographs for the branch along a shuttered residence,
ambassadresses in the gag foreground. We coax them to come across,
waiting to keep up.

Voyou, le 23 décembre, 0910

Jimmie voit char, déraille Fenton & Jennings Olives

Jimmie beholds char, derails Fenton & Jennings Olives

Camps. Dupont Julio.

Take an interest in opulence & stratagems bequeathing our
ing great! Those brands are awesome announcing oops, they’re
digging in bins.

I watched your dreams.

A bite to eat. Even a tremor of you goes around in concepts, calling
your egalitarian bluff. Where in your collusion does it say
a smirk presses on — mass culture
destroyed, sundial-changing sex?

It’s always smart and dumb modulated, coming out to play, sampling
the masked hostility and indecisiveness of the national honor
and backing it up with inexact and multiplying sounds
from what we were doing before updates [give me a second..] took hold,
instantly recognized as identity.

Identity and hardened m.o.’s from silences, retakes,
and feral scents of feeling cornered in a soulless piano lesson.

(I forgot to send this.)

Puppies after puppy, Halloween restores my faith by touching my two
elbows behind my back on a breather

escalating disappearances [Poem with Hannah]

where any guess takes motion outside the house

making what’s whence not appear
along with any clouds in it the last day we ate. Together

then they subside again, turning bright green and beyond, flunked by the machine, uncontrolled —

the mind is Switzerland, ok? Eyes belong to everyone, leave now.

The answer is twofold.


Question. Lorre to Dietrich, ‘In this one there’s .. different flavors, pots, sets, syrup-simple to complex, some devolve in brawls and randomness, others, chaos, not mentioning initiations in self-alloys, call them alloys of function routing. We’ve highlighted one in this box or surfboard. (There’s a coincidence. And there’s a rule-of-thumb levitating the landscape, ultra altered.)

I’ll let you out.’


Paul Broadnax & sidemen, pancakes &;
we’re surprised you took us here.

We’re ordinarily against against..
it’s called a change of heart.

Fate shouldn’t adapt what’s spindly or bang it home.

Instincts are mostly buried under cement, sunk
talking to each other, eh?
                                       They’re hard
to get out of the valise (you removed the tongue).

Something to stop the snowman mid-grin.

You can’t say I pushed you out willingly (nurture, nature, frantic relaxation).

The fit was good. I noticed you work under me to make your poise smoke
its own lemon and cloves.

Call a time-out a makeshift breaking point, outside the boundaries of contact.
The restriction (lifted) aches.

We need smarter drywall too, to excite ferns and moss growing
a contour beeped forward w/ the put you place on the table.

Wanting you (I do) not out of quantitative easing began how far
you liberate yourself to oppose other facts.

The active ingredients are / have a profane vocabulary
and have nothing to wear tonight.

Your nose looks finished beneath the stopper.
Up, shiny, imperfect, not held in place —

nothing you know is like these long prison phials
of sulfuric fern, Fougères, the Germans say, watched out

by um pirates. What’s significant, half an hour
later is that painful moments were over, we realized.

Later we went to the movies. I was wearing the shorter
spring outfit again. I got it down in a nickel hotel.

Got up, and headed for the bus terminal,
an installation in perfect solitude;

breakfast at Starbucks and we were off, wandering
downtown; brushed our teeth and headed to the other airport;

problem being, we were playing golf later that day and had blue jeans on,
so we forget

these events seem headstrong, immersed watching the light, I know you;
I cleaned up, got off and Judith and me left for the bus terminal

(by the way, I got up as usual, exercised, waved to everybody and got dressed)
a botched, knife-in-the-back celebration over adding the bill up, up.


I should take myself down and stay far away,
leave the top 2 buttons undone, crabbed, about to fail.

Conversely, you hate me. It’s true I was in the money issue,
only I’m pandering, too pointed or sustained? I’m

not great at due diligence; it’s entirely for deception I spy
— gosh the population for ears could form into cozy motels

we have it on the double to browse,
be kind, hungry in

these ways compile — they’re up front, filling, easing
Schubert playing for a boucle, puffy, relaxed w/
gratitude if there’s a force of flight, bad-ass DNA

to outtake things as ample, an everybody sets the control
perplexed movement. A class struggle to remember all
voices were Mel Blanc thinking he's not real.


It dawns on me I am covered
with bacon reform

v. not saying anything that’s ro-
just daring a first drag

to feel some with no idea
lled into burbles,

wearing his reflection admit it
encircle your face

make a bleed insert on the dummy
with all components

now in place a
lorem ipsum dolor sit

is taken of the whole
before it’s pasted onward

offhand.. rather like a jigsaw
that gets solved

for vast atmospheres
dissipated, adverse to

reductive elegant parity
with something to read.

Tomorrow for the dark, the lilac-dark
it’s utterly dormant & bigger

— I’m probably not taking it all
on for the kettle of urgency that is.