Politics is the gene expression omnibus.
Each of us is one viral video from fame.

Vanity is promotion.
Amen to white boats opposing innocence.
A poet under a cloud, Byron wrote of the dead among us living

— what they did is reprehensible, tho they added so...

Busy, sorry. The

substitutes are locked up. They

have something to do..

Over restaurants in museums

& cook-dating. They’ll... you

learn a lot all at once. Absolute

power over the last half-century.

Doctors, scientists working together

Swinging ultimately for the fences —

since Byron, the job’s changed tremendously —

They fly the Atlantic in this context

..really only this context:

There’s a thin column between their hey! & ahem —

Within a week I lost a pound

& my parties became off key fantasies, flute

scaled for kodo, familiar toepaths of scents.
Didn’t they tell you

thinner tones and soft muscularity are proof

— our brains are being stolen; after

we wander back home muttering “TV,

TV,” a mildly eccentric suburbia

waiting for a payday of awe-inspiring relaxation.
Talk? You hoped we might &?

— to Sylvia Plath


They hear their voices as children bowed.

You feel in peril, have to join in.
I don’t get what you want

— our lives are directionless without a group, a clan?       ...

The telling problem with engineering simplicity,
You annoy others (meditations in telling).

I don’t mean rampage in a civil sense,
I mean surgically knocking other chanters

Off, throwing knives, wrecking them
From the inside, slicing up!

I was kidding I’m not religious.

Hail, love, I’m in hell with you
Having seen again what we know about us.

We're not living there right now; it's too far to drive, leaving us out drenched to the waist, hanging down by the sidewalk and sludge in blue and green mud streaks through thick glasses, filmed over.

The now is? I don’t know where it was. I wonder if they’ll show up.
These questions are battered about.
X subverts expectations.

Y understands perfection is error.

To appropriate is to provoke.

The ephemeral triumphs.

Parody pays homage to its subject. Pass the white gloves.

Y gestures toward emptiness, embraces it.

Z’s funky penumbra is influenced by needlepoint and class resentments. 

Value is contingent. Nudes mean more when their heads are chopped.

X’s signature deadpan is unoriginal self-reflection digesting socioeconomic truisms. Ultra blurry and anamorphic.

The signs point to abstraction. Dad knew best.


Please reference Christ w/out irony —

St Joseph and I were looking for new peanuts.
Had a drink, got to bed.

Architecture, carpentry together,
One shouted, “Estudando o Pagode.”
Wonderful at frustrating.

One’s trying to put forfeit words over
Party Two, unrelated and unknown. Distractional bliss.

When his looks offered up smarts,
In they came / endured
The bejeezus, tattoos and piercings.

I knew the family members he had, too many
Buy they are married, too many pebbles
Ashore. Most of them carpenters, architects.


My gosh.

Did you ever imagine old masters wasted?

Their experiments in graphic semiotics appear

apolitical, outgoing, adaptable to pillory hindsight.

Married and still a rascal ..


a Chesire-smiling Henry James is like many at work,
a nutshell of a wonk
glaring, boasting
among ten babes, brushing
w/ family planning toothpaste.
A dictionary of Indo-European roots lists derivatives for gno = know, can, cunning, ken, kith, kin, uncouth, notice, notify, notion, notorious, cognition, recognize, connoisseur, quaint(?), ignore, noble (known, knowable), gnomon (diagnosis, prognosis), narrate (from Latin gnarrare); & these less ‘probable’ links = note, annotate, norm, abnormal, enormous. 

Poets, I guess, know this, so someone’s dismissal of another's work by shrug / hum is unclear thinking, a mark of unknowing. Patterns of dismissal show a settlement of ignorance. Ignorance comes easy, tho, among ego conservatives like me. First is not reading. I won’t buy the book, if given the book, I’ll sell it. Second, there’s reading (scanning?) just to find a formal quality. Can I do this? What’s the vocabulary like? This reveals a poco inquisitiveness, but it’s all about willful typecasting, bracketing in other words streamlined for not reading further. For face to face ignorance, there’s not listening or not listening much or listening to find an opening for my chance to speak (hey do you like what I do?). Hanging around other egos like mine is just not fun, unless, of course, there are compensating abnormalities.

What I want are noble communities of uncouth poets who not only notice one another but stay awake & narrate Oh. If it’s abnormally sweet, you’ll be the first to know.

— drafted 2003
No no.. A trivalent forms at birth, blocks our death.

Where we live now we’re “into” military opera. Adherents have henchmen, dogma and the finesse of needle-felted wool.

There are two ambient music cartels here as well: Doggone moosebirds and dwarfs striking poses with all their dwarf power. Their de rigueur for now is writing over others to outrank the trivalence. I won’t do your religion, good day.

Just piano and voice. Sunken gardens with a fountain of moods for each of Four Corners.


We were wondering about invention of the planets, empathizing
With a numbers guru also the director — one of them.
Often that’s a normal baritone and determinative section to sing.

Sing: Pigeons pattern heaven where detachment cut back! Getting
To there uproots the light series, exalted then stiffened into parody..

Reminding us of a few contingencies we picked up from a tray
Of bright boomerangs that tantalize in the feasible, wanting nothing and showing
What go around and come around, left to their own desires and systems.


Second poem: Someday all this will be yours. Five hundred
City blocks that lean socialist, oblique, an
Untapped atmosphere of noir swing, slovenly
Housekeeping and, worse, puckish flair
And snappy dialog. Reading and living
Ontologically under-simulates the senses.
Be furious w/ the world w/ dog-food boxes, be
Angry at keyholes, too, w/ their conservative
Counter views to earnest alignment as one’s timing slips
Into the prowess of floating unquietly,
Into apothegms, into sidesteps of fine voice,
“A voice and nothing more.”
Love: nothing concentrates like consecutive sentences about our visual plan and its promise of more. That’s if I’m hit by what I feel in the a.m. I believe you. Evening you’re different.

You give me a musical temperature, a new marvel.
Finish a stretch and the clouds get confused.

What are we fixing up? a few rounds of bluish vistas — soft whorls of a moon phase over lakefront.

The lighting here is just off the boards, like when water lilies kick off their work boots and women rule. Snipers crouch,

the idea of Burberry’s.

Tiny, simple iterations, the best phases to clobber you. That ze plan.


It’s only 4 years. Stand still.
There are faith that’s gone on and consequences. There comes an enrollment point you caught your waxwork hologram in a partner’s eyes.

V entriloquating is something.

No one’s favorite word yet — nice aftershave, Rene

I got wind of it and put you in —

Can you be “quoted” in any meaningful sense?
We have two arrays for time & harmony:

The ass comment — I know you meant juniper
within a philosophy (in movement thru spatial dimensions)
(& the aura of a scent) forward!

Taking up another day I won’t shop. Almost the same as hopeless but within a socialist frame of mind. It takes a while. The way 23 hours ago the idea of writing today took a while. Times itself: A mindset occupied .. this just in — jokes turn into dreams. It’s dreaming that forgave us for everything (except melancholia). That’s because ideas, ‘sleeping while awake,’ get downgraded to icy normality, trapping you and me inside a force field owing to our expertise.

So there’s no lack of opportunity in experimental states of forgery.


Bottoming out, the face is inside a very powerful camouflage (instructing us to use it).

There were balls of steam suspended in bacteria over our hands, discouraging others. (A boiling kettle contained prescriptions, it’s a guess.) Better now if we not digress but file out a shade apart to trail the other copycats.

At top the penis is everlovin-elastic.

Heaven is in the heart with its egg drop of credos and documents, from which large scale dull instruments get tossed.


Repairing what has been broken within —
A mood is an emotional state. Comcast.


Everywhere there’s fog off a force field you tend to dislike, nowhere better!
No ripped off melancholy in a sky, no lecture / rap / blues, no shelter against the curious. I’m lying.

Part of what I do here. Throw up my hands!
It has to be done but it’s one-sided.
It seemed artificially important
The screech was spherical.

A seagull.
No one’s there.

I missed it.


Your poetry is preliminary,

I reserve comment —

Don’t get above wrong

There’s below to mull over :

I remember those breasts

Geometry that respects the brain,

Fred Astaire kind of shit.

When I win, I’m

Drifting toward us,
It’s a back-drift

Sitting on your blanket. I’m

Over you now. I’m half-awake

Falling asleep in its presence.

It’s deeper than that really.

What is this iris if it keeps coming back?