The longer I live it’s in front of me.

There’s a glow in seconds before the scheduled avalanche, fun ..and explosive. Wow.

Or much like staying right in no now.

A chosen toothbrush has been abandoned. I’m forgetting about it.
I’ll be heading out soon. Moving thru a lefty runoff. I won’t be funny or make a stab, relax or specify...

I’m lost in the new geography.. Again.
Light can be thin, therewith discourse.

I chewed my paw / off.

Terse is
What it (light in volume) is —

Midwinter light (March) in Maine gives me pause.
The sentence, the Celtics lost squawking about losing
Some parts : diagrams the opportunity.

Down east weather was freezing our hands into claws, which is

Why we reserve dopey dissonance

Nested within key notes to the A frame to determine

The performance.

Speaking as if...
Just push the button.
Lament due to Quicken divorce feels precollege. Modalities.

Chafed lips, with you or not, one emphasis is how
your modalities give me the butterflies and more butterflies chasing more — as 10 to the 10th more prefer polygamists barnstorming thru
the ad hoc hemisphere.


One of the donor’s places resembles a Marine outpost with sweeps of property edging the subdued enclave.

Of all the varied and fabulous pieces by new pianists I wager they are bursting with personae — because of what they rock to, also because many exuding confidence have gotten past graduate school, the corporation, a breakthru investment in the company.
Technology’s refined flux appears noncontroversial.
At sundown my leftist French brain speaks thru a balloon:
“If you’re anamorphic, the flux within measures of comprehension 2 often adopts overheated lingo or low-2-overheated if you like.”

The other 2 poked at the remaining balloons in the embers; not really, they said.

There are statements of facts
And those of law. Their truth

Levels rise or fall depending on
Outer linear order.
Renaissance rules, rulers who could expunged a soba color.. 

Something to realize our view

As something else frolicked up — inside 

(a feeling of power like in Roman hands): A ball of a bird, maybe a butterfly
Yeah, what do we care?

All we expect is an elegantly accessible chronicle of interdisciplinary montage
Along with financial services.

Linear standards

“Hey,” “I say” never go away.
It’s a flotilla. (Fair enough..)
His followers could care less.

You can’t catch me is great again.
Multidimensional chess has a new value.
Guess what? This early in the day love / hate lines out. His critics swing at softballs
vibrating w/ a head cold, floating in 4 dimensional moats..

It’s a flotilla.
Witch: Pass the white I think they’re gloves.
In further directions your understanding registered.

Off the rack, but great

— a good to a very good reply

inasmuch as speaking about or to you comes across the border over thin light.


Any emphasis prepares the manifold; earlier accounting systems join the 1st probability of having you to touch & subsequently empower mergers ’n exchange. That’s only half the cost of what’s not said.
A true celeb shows us the assassin is uninvolved on every emotional level — even the one one holds oneself and acts on by serving others, one bosses & ‘ritual’ overvalue.
How is that sketchy? To you?
He had bad manners, bringing in sauerkraut that night —
My report to command centers for first price, best.
(Theft is looking better, tight.)

Your face, the trains I ride, it’s all good to Korean girl groups here in the West.

Like you and most of us, with or without us, they flip out
In only a decimal of what they do.
She lost the election. We can’t know what she’s thinking. It’s crazed.

Keep tact abstract.
Keep it to oneself near the seacoast.
Healing a voice split to a pulp, gnawed —
Feeling a salt chill unexpectedly going up the swirling lines
Of humorists, ideologues, ragged modernists, including one.

Holding to their path, rescuing none.

Yours, & ‘even more in mayhem,’
Let’s put this less sophomorically.
Basically existence precedes essence asleep on the leaf. Mostly.
Anyhow, I was a dead man once. It started with a record deal.

Bev, brief them. Here on the mere murmur I clam up.

Can it be “quoted” in any meaningful sense?

When you select a rogue anime you also begin talking to yourself (above); you try walking from a sofa or chair, to a nearby window, to a doorway checking if anyone is coming in..
First question, true or false. Technology keeps humming to Aristotelian extremes? The cigar had its store. It’s a manageable stretch from there to when you left, even while I ruled you out. Out on the sidewalk you hadn’t left a name, either. And yet, I stood close to you, always wrong. To leverage and grow are businessspeak. To get feedback. To understand.


Fricative efforts add a bunch of O’s
— language & body mania, aqua ions show their molecules in bulk, imitating an obsessive personality. The rapid strength of bonds between metal & water molecules is their primary dissolution.

Repeating prose clips transit through a few (of those) loopholes to confront loopholes’ necessities, maybe.
Reversed circumstances are a full meal.
Ordered onward
Most of cable is sleep-laden,
Killer directors bail out the last decades. With peril, tears, deals.
Not quite a theory, it’s string conjecture (over eons).
Watching it work costs constellations of cash or a bundle minus heroic practice, often.
For you.
I unbuttoned my supplies and pulled the first ‘haiku’ out —

One’s self image goes beyond Masonic pale.
Pale of an airedale.
Intimation, insinuation, innuendo.
You were something I ate.
Errant is not mistaken for arbitrary.
In a way paisley just feels like games..
2 spiral arrays for time & harmony within a philosophy (moving spatial dimensions)
a few hours forward.

Paisley’s inference, compressed form, a ‘crown’ of contradictions
veer dimensional rhetoric
superseding nature. Cosmos, not not unhappy.
Can waving time like a moony branch
supersede nature,
a piece of research asks. Why open
atoms under quivers at the edge to sleep?


I’m thinking of a color — no name.. an antsy-ness
running everywhere that’s off — waiting for a big thanks

                                                there was nothing and then a voice —
                                                goes upstairs and locks the door.

                        A voice with cavities.
Dear foundationalist,
You’re expelled for a month, next week.. experimenting with yourself..
leaving a sneezing grid with rectangular doors opening to violent sprinkles & irresolution...
..in passing, I would like to see or set up dozens of availabilities to pick up the dissolved thread to ‘our systems metaphysics’ and to pick up that needle of yours & your as it were point.

From here, we drive thru parched hills seen in films.

Another hay fever phase of experiment.
In a mean (2017) perspective Bartok reached for
the moon. How is that helpful?
With your brand one constant, you cut the rest off,

It brought down the red curtain, with a curtain rod staff.

Having it, you hobble

Away like a name dropper.

Emotions were they don’t belong.
Blues by Corelli.
Visual poem: The brightest stars pimp their leftovers for attention.
Beyond Orwell.
Down curved and inside edged, camo colors hard to pick up.

Follow their instructions { slippers, noodles, make us warm
‘As rouged scholars from what’s next to us’ repair to an adjoining display. }

We note their pale sagas of looking good and being seen.
Zero pleas fractured in durational maneuvers, complaints and sworn declarations —
I forget meeting you.


We said nothing about ancestors sitting meditation, why?
Their focus, cash on hand were immediate, overwhelming, no gloom:

Very different outcomes that equally square
What you hear. The future of the past written
Like ellipses’ symbolism weighing in (..)

Based on trying to get to the gym, having an olive svelte
Protein shake, saying nothing about ..

Oh — I just remembered some of what they’d sung
To the battlefront. (Mostly gigues.)
We meet in this version north of the town offices

shaking tidal vapor thru no wait, no

fewer than ten seconds off the slopes

meaning above the steps coincided with the light

clipped to the powder base patching the thaw

— spirals discharged, wind heats the ground and trees open.

My best fiend is a vital prick. Ow
afterward, he and I leave the tribe and enter first grade...

We got in surrendering our fingerprints

humming to each making a windfall. We

toast anyone else holding a red suit

w/in one’s center, letting a fortnight slide.
In a mean (2017) perspective Bartok reached for
the moon. How is that helpful?
With your brand one constant, you cut the rest off.

It brought down the red curtain, with a curtain rod staff.

Having it, you hobble

Away like a name dropper.

Emotions were they don’t belong.
Blues by Corelli.
We can remember when wisdom lay in de Staël turmoil, a title for the ‘rhetorical’ surface where middlemen / women are loathed today. Owning our words makes everything phenomenal. (Our addendum is in the mouth.)

The French Suites get lighter, immune to desire & intimacy in the grips of mistaken identity. I’ll lead you to the border. Just call before you go.


You take this as it comes, here and now.
Text sections like acts of omission are presorted.
In one act by ourselves, we’ll set up a non-profit,
the equivalent of an education cafeteria.

I’ll be chancellor of the swelling enterprise
dividing my feelings like vendettas.
Where are we un, um?
You’ve stopped being in the world.

There is a moment after when you shift your eyes since they’re crisscrossed and long after you forget how we went on the verge, drenched though slackened... shaking this neap vapor through atmospherics, patching the thaw — spirals discharged, wind heats the ground and trees open.
Attraction is ignited by deep compatibility,
a nonaristocratic game played for low stakes.

I’m not a prose-poet, this is reportage
and what I believe. A good guess is a hypothesis.
A good education leads to the Grand Hotel
above the empty lot cleared by Balthus.
Dirge for D.A. Levy:
Our leaders and propagandists know very well that liberal capitalism is an inegalitarian regime, unjust, and unacceptable for the vast majority of humanity.

Grandeur is a luxurious quest and metaphysical evil.

I’m not a model, I just look like one. (Helen Vendler)

We’re the only nation that flies into hurricanes.
The way topics switch is also relaxing, to some. Once every few consonants, keeper shows a lovelier and airier side, rising above the backdrop whine and pose, dispersing all noise and letting in a strongarm patterson and heinz fullerton, enforcing an impression that you’re being taken up on an elevator.


Aries, my god, a pro without pouring it on
très available, mobile, open to your whims...

A surfer for decades, black eyes, brown-
To-blond hair —

he slaps you with his fettle, replacing poetry..
he lightens up but it’s — you guys!

Can you describe yourself?
Simple stuff picking up a pen.

A photograph?
Whoa — please — take my foot!
Thing 1: Most adherents develop synthetic self-containment to face future life. It’s in Thing 2, natural selection gradually refuses to settle in opposing views. For example, what, exactly, did we learn? Never allow creatures of nature into your discourse. You need to leverage those freaks onboard to move ahead. Year after year we heal them ourselves, each cell in our bodies spinning starboard. Cells are factories, at bottom; we are factory owners. One says the seas of government are misinformed. One says what another says which is not new now, never. We are natural organisms running out of time.
My boss sucks.
That’s because she has to. Some job titles are, as the expression goes, anathemas. Disquiet raising the roof. Boss, leader, principal, chair, honcho, prexy, director, officer in charge, master chef, head of the shift, muse. What does it take to earn and maintain these titles? Ideology. Casting spells. Constantly interviewing me as I do with every other employee, affiliate, colleague, member, collaborator, associate sans souci. Muse first!
Can we straddle the divide between convention, unattenuated sense-making & sorting through out-of-brainier experiment?
Every Harvey Keitel film substantiates you may have a gun, you could be reaching to get a gun, or you could just be, in essence, fronting.
(Cartoons are not analysis.)
Space is not nothing.


Living under D Trump,
I’ll start with a clear head — you can look thru this one
and we’ll shoot bullet points until it’s drained.

Again it’s that one time in career design
to keep finding your identity on top.
The more you do
it’s a retro look for you / I may now never attain.

This is my deciding moment. As a consequence doors open. I’m auto-electrocuted.

And that’s good, because I snuck across the catalysts. (It’s what I’m good at, wearing pajamas as weapons.)
My plan thus converts to the meantime. So you detect I’m pretending to be a spontaneous asshole, intimidating death.
The playbill is the same, drumming and decisive. Fat lips, usually wet. Brainy syncopation to a turn.

(It needs me.) It’s a lovely trade.

Couples are not the perk here.
They’re not that easy.
Heaven is abstract in the heart with its egg drop of credos, from which large scale dull instruments are tossed.
The narrative arc remakes itself elusive
matter / often we come through in polite forms like holes of the
universe, throwing out samples on Earth ..
Hand-me-downs like us are not deconstruction.

So this is a cut. For a moment I stared at the door. Seconds later I was reconnected.

How was it to score the soundtrack for a sequel not put into treatments much less made? You and other investors must get offended?
There’s nothing linear going on. Everyone knows that.
Unless you want to.


Been reading about accelerating destruction in the Amazon. A chunk the size of Rhode Island burnt down each year. This buckaroo practice results in rich farmland that’s productive for about four or five years. After that, the soil turns into dust and sand.
Carports for the farmers, then, are an interim step. Dust when it rains becomes haze and steam the color of moist illusion, bubble-like.
You were in the settlement.
We were sitting there, and
I made a joke about it.. how
it doesn’t dovetail: time,
one minute running out

faster than some other time in front
it catches up to.
That way, I said,
there can be no waste.
Waste is virtually in the settlement.

To come back for a few hours to
the present subject, a painting,
looking like it was being seen, half-
turned around, slightly moist, reading us.
We met at a fashion party, possibilities in extremes.
A couple of days reveling in delirium, haunting grimness. Breaking the ice.
That carport could be the fucking beachhead steaming for real, along with amalgamated events that are summarized best, perhaps, in this question I’ve been asking myself?
Doctors approved the utility of lingerie,
throwing us a softball, a good idea until there’s
another focus.

Sex toys are a good idea; until
I went broke I was indebted
to them.

In one direction the focus
is lost. It’s scary (testy
at first, blasé and bored)

yet there are comic possibilities
as dreams seem to
be saying. Another focus
is adolescence. We power

our own, mounting a bait
and switch to chalk up the board.
One feels like an editor / coach in a new bloodbath of witty planning.
Do as wits imply.
Smarts don’t matter. They’re laying themselves off.